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Safeguard Your Home Against Flood and Water Damage in Brunswick, OH

No homeowner wants to find that their basement has flooded. Not only can a waterlogged basement be harmful to your occupants, but the abundance of water and excess moisture can ruin your possessions and compromise the integrity of your structure. Take a proactive approach to the effects of water damage in Brunswick, OH, by turning to Olivieri & Son Inc. Call on our skilled contractors for basement waterproofing that will increase your home’s resiliency to water damages.

Since 1981, our family owned and operated business has protected home basements from flood damage in the Cleveland area and the surrounding suburbs. Rest assured that between our extensive experience, knowledge, and equipment we can handle a job of any size or severity from start to finish. Turn to our specialists when you need to not only keep the water from coming in but also to protect your property for the future.

Maintain a Healthier Home Environment

It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow on a damp surface. Considering that mold can still be present even if you can’t see it or smell, this can be quite a dangerous prospect if you’re breathing it in consistently. If you’re experiencing water damage, our experts know what it takes to revitalize a damp, musty basement into a comfortably dry living or storage space once again.

Basement waterproofing Middleburg Heights

Take a proactive approach toward maintaining the structural integrity of your home by waterproofing your basement. Our waterproofing solutions can keep your basement free from flood damage and in great condition should you wish to resell your home in the future. Our dedicated waterproofing team has the skills and expertise necessary to handle all of your exterior and interior waterproofing needs and fortify your foundation. Trust us to help you keep your basement dry and your foundation strong.

Contact our waterproofing contractors to keep your basement dry and water damage-free. Located in Brunswick, we proudly serve homeowners in Strongsville, Medina, Middleburg Heights, Berea, Columbia, and the greater Cleveland area of Ohio.

The Process


1. Excavate

We excavate your leaky wall all the way to your footer. We are careful to keep your your surrounding landscape clean and professional.

Pressure Wash

2. Pressure Wash

We then pressure wash your foundation to clean the debris and highlight any cracks where moisture may be entering.

Patch & Seal

3. Patch & Seal

Next, we permanently patch and seal all cracks with Waterplug Sealant. For added protection, we coat the entire end wall with Thoroseal Sealant.

Rubberized Tar

4. Rubberized Tar

The final step in the repair process is to roll on a layer of rubberized tar to prevent further moisture problems from happening to your recently repaired walls.

Drainage System

5. Drainage System

For proper water drainage, we install 4 inch heavy-duty perforated PVC drain pipe along the footer. We also provide a cleanout on each wall we excavated.


6. Backfill

We then backfill with #57 premium wash gravel to direct water to the draintile.

Top Soil Fill

7. Top Soil Fill

Finally we fill the last foot with top soil, not dirt or fill material, so you can utilize the area for fresh landscaping plants!

When we finish you will hardly even know we were there!