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Foundation Rebuilding

If your foundation is beyond repair or the repairs are getting out of hand, Olivieri & Son offers a complete foundation rebuild. We can provide cost-effective solutions to help limit the damage to your home. Sometimes, it is necessary to rebuild a foundational wall if it cannot be jacked back into place. As a homeowner myself, I understand how overwhelming these situations can seem.

Foundation rebuilds consist of jacking the entire house up so the fundation can be completely removed and rebuilt from the foot up to the ceiling. We insert rebar stakes into the cement block walls to add extra stability and once the wall is in place and the jacks removed, we finish the job by providing a complete waterproofing process. We tar the outside of the new foundation wall, add foam insulation sheets to relieve stress on the new wall from saturated soil, fill with wash stone to help keep water from sitting around the base of the foundation, and then backfill the soil to complete the process.

Call us so we can properly identify the problem before you pay for expensive remedies that will not permanently address your situation.